Karoline Jarr, Ph.D. 


Bringing Exceptional Learning to Life

Karoline Jarr, Ph.D.

Principle, Candela Services

Karoline creates educational experiences that are effective, equitable, and scalable. In 2019, Karoline started a consulting company to respond to the need for cutting-edge solutions in education. She serves forward-thinking education companies and social ventures in assessment, evaluation, and STEM programming.

Before consulting, Karoline also held leadership roles and served as Vice President for Research and Program Effectiveness for a leading provider of STEM curriculum. She monitored the success and quality of hands-on STEM programs that reached tens of thousands of teachers and over one million students annually. Her work experience spans several education companies and organizations, many of which operate on a large scale. These experiences gave her insight into what it takes to make learning accessible and relevant to all students from rural Alaska to urban Miami and everywhere in between.

She is an experienced analyst, researcher, evaluator, classroom teacher and presents nationally and internationally on education topics. Though she holds a doctorate in Psychological and Quantitative Foundations, she believes there is no such thing as a "terminal degree". Clients, colleagues, children at the library, and strangers on the street continue to inform and shape her understanding of the world.

Areas of Expertise

Innovative Learning

STEM/Engineering Education

Problem-based / Scenario-based Learning

Career-focused / Real-world Learning

Instructional Branding 

Content Development for Scalability

Education Policy

Data and Assessment Literacy

Consulting Services

Technical Communiation

Grants and Proposals

White Papers

Technical Documentation

Assessment / Evaluation

Assessment Design and Review

Program Strategy

Bringing Exceptional Learning to Life

Karoline offers a leading voice for equity, learning sciences, program development, and evaluation methods for forward-thinking companies and social ventures. With expertise across evaluation, coaching, and learning within non-profit/for-profit businesses Karoline's consulting focuses on instructional branding, professional development, and innovation.

She provides education consulting services with an emphasis on program strategy, assessment, and curriculum design, with a strong understanding of the link between the learning environment and outcomes. She is highly skilled at overhauling curriculum/learning programs to focus on more in-demand transportable skills across the career.

For further information, contact Karoline via LinkedIn.